Thoughts? Think What?

I don’t even know why I am making this website, really. I think I knew why, but after installing a template, I got stuck. Didn’t know what to write or what to post. The questions that floated in my head were unorganized and too big for me to even ask.

I am not a smart person but I am a practical man who knows only a few crazy people like me will visit this site and read this diary, so called “post.”
“Ok, that’s it!” This site will be my diary. Spilling out my dumb questions and unorganized thoughts. Collect how-to videos on Youtube that I will need for what I am about to do or what I like to do. That’s it. That’s what I am going to do with this site.

Organizing my unorganized thoughts about how to change my lifestyle. The lifestyle of off-grid without disconnecting from the grid. Sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the convenience of grocery stores. Enjoy more organic and herbs while getting all the benefits of modern science and technology. More traveling and less working. Mixing both works and living together in the same space and time. Most of all, simplify my life and reduce the number of leeches sucking my blood. Become a truly free man.

First, I Need a Real Home

The four-bedroom house that I am living in now looks and feels so stupid. There is a living room where nobody ever uses. The family room slash library is only for decoration. It is there only because it looks good. One of the bedrooms is not being used but wasting energy every day.

It is not even my house. It belongs to a bank who will kick my ass out if I miss my monthly payment. Not much different from renting. I know, I know, it can be mine if I work as a slave for about thirty years. But will I?
I need a real house that is truly mine. Smarter spaces that will fit my need and my family’s need. Not to please the eyes of others but to provide convenience to me and my family. No mortgage and no rent payment that I had to worry about every month.

I want freedom where my space is truly my space. No HOA bitch telling me what color my door should be or what I cannot even park on my freaking driveway.

I found one and a half-acre of land on the other side of my town. It is located right outside of the beltway surrounded by tall trees. On this beautiful land, I have been dreaming to build my freedom. But no. The county will not let me because it doesn’t look alike a house.

Work and home should be at the same place when possible. My work requires large workspace and having it on first floor of my house makes perfect sense. My wife run her online beauty store from home. No more rent to pay and less suffering from heavy traffic. How cool is that?
Hotels provide efficient sharing spaces while giving us more independence from others. I thought this is great structure for me, my wife, and my two grown up kids to share.

The county has their definition of a house and they have their own image of house. It is based on our past lifestyle. Anything that doesn’t look alike it, they will not allow you to build. How strange.

This is a long story and I will post it in a separate post.

Second, Work Where We Live.

I make hair care products and my wife sells hair care products. We have been renting two separate commercial buildings to operate each of our businesses and I realize only people who made money from our businesses are our landlords and our employees. We are only left with a pile of debt and a broken backbone (with slight exaggeration).

This nonsense must stop. I rather shrink my company and run a smaller production line that I can run by myself without hiring employees at home. When I need help, I will just hire my friends and daily workers. Most importantly, no more rent.

I also do not wish to run my production line all year long. I will limit myself to make products during a set of months and enjoy more traveling. If my workshop is located on the first floor of my home where I don’t have to pay monthly rent, I can afford to take more time out.

My wife, Monica, has been running a retail beauty store for twenty years. She wishes to close the physical store and run it only thru the internet on her website, which is quite popular already. All she needs is about 1,000 sq. ft. of storage space and it can be placed at home. No need to help her rich landlord to get richer. Without the overhead, she doesn’t have to get pressured into selling more products. In other words, no more google ads and Amazon seller fees. With Etsy, out of $800 sales, about $500 went into the ads and fees. Ridiculous!

My son, Bobbi, is one of the great video artists. Instead of getting a job in a production company, he wishes to run his own production company with his best friend. I know it will be safer to have 9 to 5 jobs, but I have a hard time suggesting my son enter into a “normal” life which I am trying so hard to run away from.

It would be great if I can provide him a small studio space at home where he doesn’t have to worry about paying rent. Without the burden of expenses, he may be able to choose only the projects he likes to work with. He doesn’t even eat much, so he doesn’t have to make a lot of money if he chooses not to.

My daughter, Joanna, is a flight attendant, so she now doesn’t feel the need for extra space. She is living with her friend and soon to get married. Of course, I believe my daughter will make the happiest family of her own, but I want to provide a space to fall back on anytime she wants or needs to. If that space can generate income while providing the safe-net, it will be even better for her pocket. I believe marriage can be more solid when there is more security. As a father, I wish to provide a space for her to fall back.

Third, What Should I Consume.

I cannot afford to have medical insurance here in America. Sadly, I am not poor enough to get free Medicaid. $900 a month medical insurance is just too much for me to pay. If I ever get sick, I better go overseas for the treatment. Our medical system is a big failure that cannot be fixed. Since I cannot rely on the medical system, I better pay more attention to what I eat and use on my body.

I manufacture and promote organic products every day. While I strongly advocate more natural products than synthetic chemicals, I hope my customers will not mistakenly think that I am against modern chemical science. In opposite, I believe there are more good chemical ingredients than bad. Benefits weigh more than their side-effects.

Unfortunately, many products are made with an unnecessary amount of harmful chemicals. They tend to add chemical ingredients that may cause more harm than good just to make products more attractive. With help of social media, big corporates now cannot silence these facts. We are getting smarter. In addition to social media, Youtube university is teaching people how to make their own products. This combination ignites the fire and made DIY into a movement, not just isolated hobbies.

Big brand names are losing their ground fast while Indie brands are taking over the places. I believe this is a great change and we should take on more steps to escalate this movement.

There was science before science that we know of. Almost entire medicine we know now is very young. Less than a hundred years compared to the entire human history. There was science before and that science carried us to this far. In fact, many of our medicine was developed based on traditional medicine.

The witch-hunt didn’t just hunt witches, but it also hunted our traditional remedies. Turned plants and roots as the poisons and anyone who speaks about it as a primitive person.

While continue developing synthetic chemicals to enhance our lives, we should look closer into our traditional science and nature. I am absolutely sure our lives will be better when the two comes together.

This is a long shot, and I don’t have a doctorate degree to explain any of this. As a consumer, I plan to study more about it. I will use this site as a depository for collecting information as I search.