Can Social Media Risk Public Safety?

The social media gave us a different form of freedom. The big corporate AD campaign sounds more like a broken radio while the consumers rather listen to their friends, families, and other consumers. It is great.

Can’t even remember when our TV disappeared from the family room. Instead of TV, we watch Youtube. Instead of the newspaper or magazine, we read blogs, Facebook, or Instagram. It is the new media. While social media brought many benefits, it poses new threats and challenges. Unfiltered or unverified information may create the public misunderstanding that may lead us to the unimaginable, unforeseen crisis in the future.

The collective intelligence is great when utilizing properly, but if any information is incorrect, then it can lead the mess to fall off the cliff. An untrained person with good presentation skill on Youtube may seem more creditable than a real medical doctor.

Social media is powerful, yet can be dangerous. The Bloggers and Vloggers with large number of subscribers must take some form of training before discussing products and use. Especially for the personal care product category, the social media platforms should have some form of review board to identify who is trained or not.