Mid-path, Balanced Life

The “Joong Yong” is a doctrine of Confucius philosophy which I believe is the greatest teaching of all. Some call it “middle way,” or “the Doctrine of the Mean.” Regardless of what it is called, it is the guidance to perfecting oneself. We shall not be bent neither one way or another. We must stay balanced and must maintain a state of balance.

I am not Chinese nor speak Chinese. Studying Mid-path in any language other than Chinese would be almost impossible because each word in all of the Four Books of Confucian philosophy can be interpreted differently by the person reading it. So I had to learn about a thousand Chinese characters to barely understand the depth of mid-path. One of the greatest gift to all mankind.

While studying Mid-path, I came to realize that we must have some sort of science before science as we know now. As much as our modern science is revolutionary, traditional science must have been smart and factual. Otherwise, humanity wouldn’t last as long as it did. If you think about it, modern science is only a couple of hundreds of years old. Just a fraction of human history.

The curiosity led me to study traditional science which was amazing. “How on earth did they know?” It was mind-blowing to realize what they understood thousands of years ago without the microscope, MRI machine, or the periodical table.

Better Living is in the Mid-Path

The discovery of Penicillin alone saved many lives. Thanks to our modern science, our life expectancy is much older than ever before. While it brought us many benefits, it also created some side-effects. Our body came from nature and our DNA still has the memories of the substances from it. When combining both, modern science and traditional science, we can truly enjoy the mid-path. Staying in balance. Sharing what we have learned is our mission.