There Were Science before Science

I have been buying and collecting about fifty domain names. Most are related to my business and only a few are in use. Among many domain names, the CricketMill is not related to my business and it is my favorite. I just like the name itself. It reminds me of the lazy farm that I grew up in, it also triggers my curiosity about nature and what nature provides.

I have no idea what I will do with this blog site. I don’t care if anyone will even visit this site, but I think I will use this blog to save information that I will gather as I follow my curiosity.

Base of My Thoughts

No one knows for sure how long we have been here on the planet. We just guess it is around 4.6 to 6.2 million years. How did we survive that long? What did our ancestors do when they got sick? Were there medical doctors 1 million years ago? For sure there must be. Otherwise, we would be here till now. 

If there were medical doctors in the ancient world, what were their medical schools look like? Did they have medical books? For sure there must have been. Otherwise, ancient knowledge couldn’t trickle down to us.

When we say “modern medicine,” our minds are trained to think last few hundreds of years. It is mainly because of the interest of pharmaceutical companies. The Hippocratic Oath was written in ancient Greece in the 5th century B.C., The Indians introduced the concept of medical diagnosis and advanced medical ethics even before that. In China, they wrote medical books even earlier than the Indians. The “modern medicine” is several thousands of years, not a couple of hundreds of years.

While it is true the pharmaceutical companies discovered much great medicine, they also reinvented the wheels by recreating a synthetic version of herbs. Unfortunately, they marked the herbalism as “medicine for uncivilized people.”

Sadly, we bought into that too fast and completely lost our Western herbal science. In thanks to the Eastern countries, the legacy of herbal medicine remained.

Herbal Medicine High School in Jin-an, Korea.
In Korea, there are two different medical schools. Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine. There are also two different hospitals, Eastern and Western.