Home Design Doesn’t Fit Our Civilization Anymore.

The four-bedroom house that I am living in now looks and feels so stupid. There is a living room where nobody ever uses. The family room slash library is only for decoration. It is there only because it looks good. One of the bedrooms is not being used but wasting energy every day.

It is not even my house. It belongs to a bank who will kick my ass out if I miss my monthly payment. Not much different from renting. I know, I know, it can be mine if I work as a slave for about thirty years. But will I?
I need a real house that is truly mine. Smarter spaces that will fit my need and my family’s need. Not to please the eyes of others but to provide convenience to me and my family. No mortgage and no rent payment that I had to worry about every month.

I want freedom where my space is truly my space. No HOA bitch telling me what color my door should be or what I cannot even park on my freaking driveway.

I found one and a half-acre of land on the other side of my town. It is located right outside of the beltway surrounded by tall trees. On this beautiful land, I have been dreaming to build my freedom. But no. The county will not let me because it doesn’t look alike a house.

Work and home should be at the same place when possible. My work requires large workspace and having it on first floor of my house makes perfect sense. My wife run her online beauty store from home. No more rent to pay and less suffering from heavy traffic. How cool is that?
Hotels provide efficient sharing spaces while giving us more independence from others. I thought this is great structure for me, my wife, and my two grown up kids to share.

The county has their definition of a house and they have their own image of house. It is based on our past lifestyle. Anything that doesn’t look alike it, they will not allow you to build. How strange.