Why Cricket Mill?

At around 2014, I found one of my Facebook friends whom I barely knew at the time introduce cricket as one of the alternative food in the future. Dr. Sam-koo Lee was studying cricket as a stakeholder at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation. While studying the protein structure of crickets and methods of farming, he unexpectedly discovered a substance that triggers our health directly or indirectly.

Among the random people who participated in his study, reported improvement in their hair growth, improved blood circulation which influenced their bedroom activities. Most took these responses lightly or doubtfully, but it was an anticipated response for a reason.

At the time, I was studying proteins and hormones that are influencing hair growth or hair loss. I was imagining, “what if we introduce proteins or fibers that our body is not accustomed to, it can trigger our hormone production, isn’t it?” While thinking about it, I came across with Dr. Lee’s short Facebook comment. Digesting cricket would provide perfect opportunity to find to see any effect or side-effect on our body and answer to my crazy questions.

I had called Dr. Lee immediately and learn more about his study. Until then, we were just unfamiliar facebook friends and never met in person, so he was quite surprised to receive my call.

I asked if he found exactly why these people reported such responses. Of course, he couldn’t give me the answer to our first phone conversation. But as we get to know more about each other, he began to share his finding. (damn, my wife is asking me to go pick up food from her favorite resto and I have run, will be back soon)